I’m back! (quite a few hours ago actually).  As the title says, Japan was fun.  Or to be more precise, Ikebukuro was EPIC.

I can’t stop bragging my haul of SasuNaru B+ & Piero collection ❤

SasuNaru <3


Scanlation request: Does anyone have Margaret Deluxe Jan 2011?

There’s a new Nakahara Aya oneshot in this magazine which I saw TWICE, but never bought it for who knows what reason.  Would appreciate it if someone can scan this oneshot for us (and the other oneshots in the magazine if possible).  If not, cross our fingers and hope Cheezy manages to find it!



Which one sounds cooler?:




Random gag thing when I was talking to my sister just moments ago.  The latter sounds way better. Most definitely.




OS’s Recruiting (again)!

We’re looking for people who’s willing to sacrifice 2-3 hours a week to churn out edits and not disappear on us when asked to do some minor improvement on your editing (especially for people who are new to editing). OS’s group leaders do not have the time to train new editors, so please learn every on your own through the vast amount of editing tutorials we have online. 😀 The only requirements we have is to give us one chapter per month and keep in constant contact with group leaders, Mioka and Naomi.

Those who’s interested please contact the group mail at ochibichan(dot)scan(at)gmail(dot)com. And yes, you’re still required to pass us the editor (or cleaner) test along with your application.


Information on Editor and Cleaner test:
Editor: http://ochibichan.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=26
Cleaner: http://ochibichan.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=678

Random rant again #idk

First of all, this has nothing to do with magazine-reviews, scanlation-updates or any of that sorts.  This is purely a rant of my recent frustration. (because I refuse to open my own blog, therefore I once again, am hijacking this perverts only lair.)

My latest number #1 frustration? I can’t go AFA.

What is AFA? Anime Festival Asia- It’s basically one of the biggest Anime, Comic, Games (ACG) conventions in south-east Asia.

And I can’t go. Due to my friend’s parents insisting she not go- which honestly, I think it’s her own decision and that she’s the one who does not want to go.  She’s my best friend and all, but I blame it for being that-time-of-the-month, that I feel so betrayed. We’ve been planning to go to this event even before the date was announced… and that was at least 4months ago? So imagine (at least) FOUR months worth of waiting, getting hyped, porn, planning, and “I don’t think I can go to AFA anymore”.  Sucks right?

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the trip to be a success to begin with due to a string of unfortunates:

  1. First problem was that we had to be back by Sunday night or risk getting barred from our Malaysian bullshit Studies finals due to low attendance – but we overcame this by deciding to skip the first part of college, making it in time for the class in the afternoon;
  2. Secondly, probably lack of funds (on my side) – but I overcame this by resisting my tendency to buy manga, binge on Godiva shakes, stock on Pocky and resorting to cheap <RM6 lunches (only on certain occasions would I splurge slightly).
  3. And finally, the decision to skip AFA Day2.  Again, due to Malaysian bullshit Studies, but this time, it was the fact that the mid-term paper was moved to the next day.  Seriously, what kind of college moves their bloody exam dates at their own freewill at such short notice? Only my seriously awesome college *insert sarcasm*.  Rather than hoping to be back by Monday, we decided to skip Day2 and take a morning bus back on Sunday, or if possible a Saturday night bus.

See how imperfect the trip was going to be? We would be going all the way down to Singapore for less than a day, come back and attempt to study bullshit all the while feeling tired but happy of our trip.  Sadly, I’ll never know if I could pass MbullshitS without studying now.

Now, due to such circumstances, another problem/dilemma has cropped up for me.  Technically, I think I can still go to AFA.  But, 1) I will be going alone; and 2) I will not have a place to stay.  As much as I want to bug THE AWESOMELY FUNNY, TALENTED, NICE, SWEET UNTAINTEDSIN to let me crash at her place for a night, I’ll feel bad for intruding.  I also highly doubt my mother will let me go all the way down to Singapore alone, (not) knowing I have a(n) pointless exam on Monday.  …And it just won’t seem right going to an event without my best friend. I wish my life was a tad simpler.

To be frank, I don’t know why I’m so bummed out about not going to AFA.  As much as I like going to ACG events and seeing some hot cosplayers, meeting new people and buying doujin merchandises, in the end, they are all just the same events- just bigger and better depending on the place.  Heck, I stopped going to such events from 2003 – 2008 due to the somewhat sad managed events at that time, and it was only after an event in March this year did I start getting excited to join such events.

But, maybe it’s because I won’t be able to attend ComicFiesta (the largest ACGc here), an event I’ve been waiting for because my very first tailored costume was tailored for the sole purpose of the Ragnarok Online group of this event, and now it may never see the light other than from my bedroom? Or it could have been due to a recent event that wasn’t entirely bad, but I honestly didn’t enjoy it due to, once again, the many many problems that popped up at literally the last minute? Or maybe because I’m going through a cycle of hormones changing.  Who knows.

So there you go for volume 1 of my rants.  Will most likely be ranting again tomorrow as I’m still deciding if I should go to the event or save money to buy 4 out of 6 of the costumes for my cosplay plan next year… decisions, decisions ):


After along debate on where to post this, I think I shall stick it here. All thanks to Kurenai-sama for mentioning the existence of such magazine.

*Ahem* Ichijinsha has a new magazine called WAai! The magazine’s mainly about cross-dressing boys (boy dressed up in skirts) and it’s catered to males. How awesome is that! Now I demand a cross-dessings boys magazine that’s catered to females!

Note: All the girly boys looks so cute!! *GYAAAAAAAAH!!



And a mini-updates from Zero-sum!

I LOVE the cover of December’s issue of Zero-sum magazine (on sale today, 28th of October)! Even though I no longer follow Karneval, it’s so suitable for Halloween, I WANT THOSE TREATS!!

I’ve mentioned about Kumeta Natsuo‘s autograph session in the last Ichijinsha report. According to ZS’s editorial blog, it was a success. How I wish I was in Japan!

There’s also a preview of how Di(e)ce’s volume 6 is going to look. Are we going to get white covers now :D? And why is Kazuaki’s costume more elaborate! Unfair ;__;!!

And last but not least, Amatsuki volume 12 omg, I’m only ranting about the series I buy! Top left is the usual normal version, top right we have Animate’s version (with the normal version’s cover inside, so it’s double jackets) and bottom left is the special edition version with that special booklet on the side. D: I shall resist the temptation, save money and ignore the existence of special editions!

That’s it for now, no updates on the latest magazine on the site yet, so my next Ichijinsha report’s is in another month or two. Most probably after the next issue of Ward. 😀

Finally, B’s-log has given the ultimatum. They’re officially canceling Kazuaki’s Kaiyorihito/Kaiyorishiki series due to the latest incident.



読者様より、カズアキ著 B’s-LOG COMICS


The day before (19th Oct) I finally received Kazuaki’s artbook in my mail and  I was happily ranting about it to Naomii too. I wanted to write an artbook review in my blog and  link kazuaki’s website to the post only to get smacked in face with an apology letter by Kazuaki. So, why the hell did this have to happen. I’ve ranted enough in my blog yesterday so I’m going to cut it short here.

Some of Kazuaki’s illustrations were found infringed copyrighted photographs. Those bastards are still trying to find all the photographs and matching them to almost all of Kazuaki’s illustrations right now. You can read all about it in 2ch and I’m a little too lazy to translate the wall of text going on in there.


If you’re lazy and want to know which illustrations they’ve matched the copyrighted photos to and which one they’re still hunting down the photograph, just hop over to this website.


D: I feel so depressed right now, I’m gonna crawl under my blankets today and pour over Kazuaki’s artbook again. *sniff*

Oh, and I’m pretty sure we’re continue scanlating the rest since all that’s left is the editing part…


Kazuaki’s website: http://ke100s.net/
B’s-Log: http://www.enterbrain.co.jp/bslog/bslogcomics/info.html
My blog: http://wherethelamblurks.blogspot.com/2010/10/rant-thiss-so-not-happening.html
Shinkeikaku’s blog: http://shinkeikaku.wordpress.com/2010/10/21/kazuaki-apologizes-for-copyright-infringement-of-photographs/